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Sophomore Registration Guide

Sophomore Registration Guide 

Make sure you sign up for the following courses

  • English II a & b or Honors English II a & b
  • World History a & b
  • Math Course
  • Physical or Earth Science 
  • 3 elective courses

--- Make sure you have either taken the following, or sign up to take the following 

    Health, PE, T4T, Spanish I a & b, or Spanish II a & b

Courses required to graduate.  

You need 25 credits to graduate. 

Language Arts - four (4) credits

Social Studies - three (3) credits; including World History; United States History; American Government

Mathematics - three (3) credits

Science - three (3) credits; including Physical Science OR Earth Science; Biology

Health Enhancement - one-half (1/2) credit

Physical Education - one-half (1/2) credit

Computer Applications - one (1) credit, including Tech 4 Today; Microsoft Office; Web Page Design; Accounting; CAD; Yearbook

Electives - ten (10) units required