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Junior Registration Guide

Junior Registration Guide 

Make sure you sign up for the following courses

  • 3 Elective Courses 
  • Science Course
  • Math Course
  • U.S. History a & b or AP US History I a & b
  • English III a & b or Honors English III a & b

This is a list of courses required to graduate. 

Language Arts - four (4) credits

Social Studies - three (3) credits; including World History; United States History; American Government

Mathematics - three (3) credits

Science - three (3) credits; including Physical Science OR Earth Science; Biology

Health Enhancement - one-half (1/2) credit

Physical Education - one-half (1/2) credit

Computer Applications - one (1) credit, including Tech 4 Today; Microsoft Office; Web Page Design; Accounting; CAD; Yearbook

Electives - ten (10) units required

Also take into consideration when registering for classes what courses you need for the Hathaway Scholarship.  Check with the Guidance Office if you have any questions on what courses you still may need.