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University of Wyoming LogoImportant Numbers:

Admissions: 307-766-5160
Financial Aid: 307-766-2116
Office of the Registrar: 307-766-5272

Important Contacts:
Amy Schmidt, Admissions Representative
307-856-8651 OR

The University of Wyoming-Application for Admission (a $40 application fee is required).

Cowboy Commitment

University of Wyoming’s Board of Trustees’ approved scholarship grids known as the Cowboy Commitment for our Wyoming high school seniors.  I want to provide you with some updates and there is a lot of information here.

There are two ways to be eligible 1) on an unweighted high school gpa of 3.00 or higher or 2) on an unweighted high school gpa of 3.00 and corresponding ACT/SAT composite test score. It is our commitment to give a student the highest amount possible.  Test option is only for eligible new first-time students entering UW fall 2021.

Cowboy Commitment Grid

Some examples to consider:

Example #1:

HS senior student who has earned a 3.80 unweighted high school gpa

No Test score=Cowboy Commitment would be $1,500 per year

With Test Score=ACT composite score of 27, the award would be $3,500 per year

With Test Score=ACT composite score of 18, the award remains $1,500 based on the unweighted HS gpa

Example #2:

HS senior student who has earned a 3.25 unweighted high school gpa

No Test score=Cowboy Commitment would be $500 per year

With Test Score=ACT composite score of 25 or higher, the award would be $1,500 per year

With Test Score=ACT composite score of 20, the award remains $500 based on the unweighted HS gpa

Please note, students who want to be considered for eligibility for the Trustees’ Scholars Award or the Hathaway Scholarship must submit ACT/SAT test scores and meet all criteria.


Each year, the University of Wyoming Alumni Association awards a number of scholarships to graduating high school seniors who will be attending UW in the fall. 

Some scholarships have restrictions and/or requirements. These are clearly stated in the description of the scholarship online. For a complete listing of scholarships available to high school students through the Alumni Association, any requirements, application process and links to the application pages:

  • Visit here
  • Click on Scholarships
  • Click on Scholarship Opportunities and Applications


UW Campus Pass Saturday, September 18 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. all high school students are welcome and must register prior here.

UW Discovery Day is Saturday, November 10, more information can be found here.

UW is ACT/SAT test optional for high school seniors entering UW fall 2022. Admission decisions will be based off of an unweighted high school gpa and high school curriculum. *PLEASE NOTE: test scores required to be considered for the Hathaway Scholarship.

Share the Cowboy Commitment with your students, this is UW’s scholarship for our Wyoming high school 2022 graduates.

Unfortunately, UW does not have every Wyoming high school senior name so students may not receive important information from UW. If you are unable to share your student lists with me, please ask your students to submit their information here.


Trustees’ Scholars Award-Wyoming Residents

The UW Trustees’ Scholars Award is the premier scholarship for the best and brightest Wyoming high school seniors. The goal of the selection process is to learn more about students’ academic achievement, goals and aspirations, and academic endeavors. Below is an outline of the process and timeline for students.

Fall 2022 Trustees’ Scholars selection process

**Please note an ACT Superscore will not be used in the Trustees’ Scholars Award review process.

  1. The deadline to apply, submit all application materials, and be admitted to UW Admissions is December 1, 2021. 
    1. Any application materials, including test scores, received after December 1, 2021 will not be considered for the Trustees’ Scholars Award.
  2. The Scholarship Committee will review the admission application, high school curriculum, GPA, and ACT and/or SAT test scores to select candidates moving on to the second round of the selection process.
  3. Students who make it to the second round will be notified and invited during the week of December 9, 2021 to submit two short answer questions, a resume, and provide certification that they are in good standing with the high school.
    1. Due date for the second round submission is December 20, 2021.
  4. The Scholarship Committee will review short answer questions and the certification to determine who will advance to the final round.
  5. Students selected to move onto the final round will be invited to participate in the in-person interview stage, notifications will be sent after January 5, 2022.
  6. In-person interviews will take place on the UW campus in Laramie; students will choose one date, either January 21 or January 28, 2022.
  7. Students who are awarded the Trustees’ Scholars Award will be notified during the week of February 14-18, 2022.
  8. Students must accept their award in WyoScholarships AND
  9. Students selected to receive the Trustees' Scholars Award must confirm their enrollment at UW by May 1, 2022 11:59 pm MDT.

Students who receive the Trustees’ Scholars Award will have a four-year scholarship for an undergraduate degree (or up to 8 consecutive semesters), including tuition, mandatory fees, university room and board (room and board will be covered providing the student resides in University housing and utilizes a meal plan). Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher at the end of each academic year with continuous enrollment of 12 hours each fall and spring, with successful completion of 24 credit hours each academic year. For information on maintaining your Trustees’ Scholars Award, see Renew Your Financial Aid or contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at 307-766-2116 with questions.

UW is committed to recruiting and retaining the top students from across Wyoming. For questions, please contact Shelley Dodd, Director of Admissions at 307-766-4273 or, or Christy Oliver, Associate Director of Admissions at 307-766-5160 or

Students selected to receive the Trustees' Scholars Award must confirm their enrollment at UW by May 1, 11:59 pm MDT.

All UW scholarships are subject to available funding.


The Dan Healy and Martha Omenson Healy Scholarship is now live in WyoScholarships.  Students will need to log on to WyoScholarships and complete the General Application in order to complete the Dan Healy and Martha Omenson Healy Scholarship application.  During the application process they will need to provide the name and email address of their Principal.  The Principal will then receive a notification to complete a Letter of Recommendation for each student. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of any help. 


High School Seniors Planning to Attend UW:

There is no longer June Orientation at UW. Instead we are offering Admitted Student Day and Saddle Up to prepare students for their start of the fall 2022 at UW.

Admitted Student Days -March 25, April 8, April 15 or May 20 at UW

Invites are in the mail to students who have applied and been admitted to UW.

Students will be able to get advised and registered for fall classes, learn more about programs, campus jobs and meet incoming students.

Saddle Up – UW’s Fall 2022 Required College Prep Camp for incoming new students-August 14-19, 2022

An immersive and exciting experience the week before school starts to prepare students for college coursework, learn about campus opportunities and get to know incoming students, faculty and staff.

An Opportunity for Study Abroad-Incoming new students interested in a study abroad this summer should check out the trips to either Iceland, Greece or England: First Year Seminars Abroad| UW Education Abroad |University of Wyoming (

New incoming Pell eligible students can apply for the US State Department’s Gilman Scholarship ( for use on these study abroad programs, deadline is March 1.

For Current HS Juniors:

Discovery Days-Saturday, April 2.

UW Event to share more with prospective student and families about academics, campus opportunities and admissions information.

For Any of Your Students:

Weekday on-campus visits and virtual campus tour options are available at


  1. UW is ACT/SAT test optional for admission purposes through the incoming class of fall 2025.
  2. ACT/SAT test scores are required to be eligible for the Hathaway Scholarship.

For the Cowboy Commitment, UW’s financial pledge that helps incoming first-year Wyoming students pay for UW, there is a test optional category or a grid dependent on a student’s unweighted gpa and test scores. Details can be found at:

  1. Visit Options- we offer multiple options for students to visit campus or learn more about UW virtually.
    1. Prospective students may schedule an weekday campus visit:
    2. UW Showcase is set for Saturday, November 12. This event provides high school seniors a closer look at UW. (Website is set to be updated this week:
    3. Bring a group from your school:
    4. Cowboy Webinar series starts in October for seniors:
  2. Trustees’ Scholars Award deadline is December 1 to apply, submit official transcripts and required test scores.
    1. Please know any ACT/SAT test scores must be received by December 1
    2. Last year’s recipients had an average unweighted gpa of 3.95 and an average 33 ACT test score
    3. More information can be found at:
  3. Wonder why students who want information about UW and aren’t receiving it?
    1. We may not have their contact information or they moved and we don’t have an updated address.
    2. Please have your students go to to update or provide their contact information.







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